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Carpet | Tile & Grout | Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning | Tile & Grout | Upholstery Cleaning

There Is Something Lurking In Your Carpet That You Can't See, Touch Or Feel...But It can Affects You Every Day!" Are you comfortable allowing your children to crawl and play on your carpet? Most people have their carpets cleaned for appearance purposes, there are mores reasons to clean your carpets & rugs then just appearance.
Why should you clean your carpets? Do you know whats lurking in your carpets?
1.Dust Mites
2.Skin Cells
3.Pet Dander
4.Pet Stains
5.Pet Odors
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This is how we clean YOUR carpets
1. Pre-Cleaning Inspection
2. Fiber Identification
A.Natural Fiber
B.Synthetic Fiber
3. Vacuum Carpet
4. Pre Treatment Application
5. Pre Treatment Aggitation
6. Hot water extract (STEAM) all carpets with a fiber rinse
7. Spot Treatment *
8. Rake carpet to assist with drying and to reduce wicking
9. Air Movers to assist in faster dryer
10. Carpet Protector application (Recommended) Scotchgard™ 3M

Did your last company do this?

*(Pet urine stains & bodily fluid material stains extra charge)*

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